November 19th-24th, 2018.

The  course aims to provide training on site assessment and planning, design, resource assessment and energy yield estimation methods, use of advanced simulation software, and PV projects’ economic analysis. The course also covers commercial rooftop grid tie systems and solar PV plant projects of MW scale. Participants shall carry out designs using advanced 3D PV simulation software.

The course will be delivered in lecture format using PowerPoint, sharing of case examples, design exercises, energy yield estimation exercises, design tasks exercise and practical site visit.

The capacity is limited to a maximum 15 participants and is available both full time and evening programme.


Target and Qualifications

The course targets solar PV engineers, Solar Industry professionals (engineers, banking industry, insurance etc), system designers or anyone else involved with designing/ implementing grid-connected PV systems. It is recommended that one has pre-requisite basic/intermediate knowledge of solar PV systems, components, sizing, installation and maintenance.

Areas Covered

  1.  Review of solar PV technology, characteristics of solar modules
  2. System design parameters
  3. Site solar resource
  4. Array-inverter Matching
  5. System protection
  6. DC and AC cable sizing & selection
  7. Site assessment & planning for commercial rooftop and solar PV power plants
  8. Array layout design
  9. Loss estimation, Performance ratio & energy yield simulation
  10. Use of advanced 3D simulation software for project bankability, internal rate of return, etc.
  11. Design task exercise
  12. Site visit

Training Materials

  • Copies of training manual, practical manuals
  • Stationery
  • Equipment, accessories and tools for demonstration
  • Tools and equipment for installation practical


On successful completion of the course students receive a certificate of participation from the University of Nairobi.

Course Duration

The course duration is Six Days  at a cost of KShs. 51,000 per person for Kenyans or US$ 620 for non-Kenyans. Fees covers tuition, training materials, lunch and teas.